Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cha Cha Chaaange

I can't believe that I have not been connected to the tubes of the internet for over 6 months. Since graduation my life has been unreal. After I graduated from Westminster in December I fully enjoyed my time off and the holidays. The holidays were amazing as always. By January 17th I had a full time job working at an insurance agency in Murray. It was a great opportunity and I just had to snatch it up. My co-workers are delightful and I learn something new every day. I am currently studying for my health and life license. A little overwhelming, but I think I will be OK in the end.

Shortly after starting my job I bought my first car. To some this is a minor detail, but I was proud to say I did it by myself. No co-signer or anything. I didn't even take my dad to test drive cars. I ended up buying a Nissan Versa and I love it. Some people don't like these little hatchbacks, but it's the perfect car for me.

In May I got to go through the thrill of the graduation ceremony at Westminster. It is not something that I honestly cared about, but I think graduation is a right of passage. It was monumental to walk across the stage and receive an empty folder. I also moved out in May. I moved in with 3 girls. At first I was scared because I had never lived on my own and 2 of the girls I didn't know, but it was a great move. The girls I live with are fantastic roommates and moving out was a good change.

You would think - wow this girl has a lot of things going on her life, but I am not done. In the start of June I went to a Salt Lake Bees game with my roommates and well, I ended the night at the emergency room. I was watching the game and turned to say something to a friend. At that exact moment the player hit a line drive foul ball my way. I had no idea it was coming and it popped me right in the jaw. I honestly didn't even know that it happened until someone asked me if i was alright. Obviously I was not alright so my wonderful friends took me to the ER. The baseball broke my jaw forcing me to a liquid diet for EIGHT weeks. I also had a very attractive baseball mark on my face for about a week. I was a looker for sure. It was not a good experience, but I am blessed to have a great support system in my life and that it was only a broken jaw. I could have had a much worse injury.

During my liquid diet I went to Sun Valley for vacation with my work. It was horrible to sit and watch everyone eat amazing food at the Sun Valley Lodge, but Sun Valley is beautiful. It is an amazing place to relax and just hang out. I even met Arnold the Governator at one of the local coffee shops. What are the chances? It was nice to feel like I had a vacation this summer since usually I am a busy worker bee in the summer.

Now that summer is ending I realize all the changes I have gone through in the last eight months. When I was drafting my last post I never would have predicted some of these events. As I embrace my adulthood I can only imagine what is to come.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Photography

Through school I was required to take two photography classes. Now that my classes are done, I have decided to show some of my favorites. I am no professional, but I think I got the hang of the art!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What I Learned in College

Now that my undergraduate degree is coming to and end (2 weeks left), I would like to take the time to reflect on all the things that I have learned in college. I have paid a lot of good money for the education that I have received, but I feel like that I really got my money's worth because of all the "bonus" material I learned.

The first thing I learned is that just because you have a class with someone doesn't mean they know you. Westminster is a small school and it's hard not to know who you have classes with, but sometimes those friendships end when you walk out of class for the better.

I have learned that if you want to find parking at Westminster College the only way to secure your car a spot is to have 8 am classes. That honestly is the only way to find parking every day. As a side note though the church parking lot on the corner of 11th and 17th is quite friendly when it comes to Westminster students parking there. The hill though is quite treacherous especially in the icy winter. If you can survive the walk up the hill then I hope God is with you when you try to cross the street because that is just as challenging.

The third thing that I learned is that Shaw food is radioactive. Only eat in Shaw if you are on the verge of starvation. If you must eat in Shaw the sandwiches and burritos are usually the way to go. However, stay away from the salad bar, it's fishy.

Next, I learned that the Foster parking lot closes at midnight. I learned this the hard way when I was up visiting one of my BFF's who lived in Carlson. I parked my car in front of Foster thinking it was super convenient only to find out they lock the gate at midnight. That my friend was quite an adventure with campus patrol. To make a long story short I did get out of the parking lot, but it was not easy.

The fifth thing I learned is it's cool not to shower or wear shoes. Just ask the general population of my college. If you are walking around and you smell like used hockey gear then you are on the right track. I however, never adapted this trend because I like my hot showers in the morning and I enjoy sporting a pair of cute shoes.

I also learned, that going to a small college is just like high school. Everyone knows each other and everyone knows each other's business. Add money to the mix of that and we were borderline Gossip Girl style. Don't get me wrong, this was always a good time, but sometimes the take downs were crazy.

Staying up late to finish a paper is never wise. The grammar sucks, your spelling is incoherent, and ninety percent of the time your paper turns into a huge tangent.

Group projects are death when you can not pick your group. This usually leads to carrying around dead weight. If you have a professor who wants to pick the groups for you bribe them with baked goods. Your mental state is at risk if your professor picks the groups for you.

When it comes to the night life of college you have to be careful. What happens on Saturday night will follow you. I was lucky enough to only be a witness of this, but trust me when you are the target, you better hide.

The third floor of the library is a great place to take a nap. I have taken many naps up there. Not only is that part of the library always toasty and warm, but it's quite and the couches are comfy.

The most important thing that I learned while in college, that was not taught in the classroom is the value of friendship. In high school you are friends with people for a variety of reasons. In college this may or may not change for you. For me, this changed how I looked at friends. I can say that through college I have found some life-long friends. The friends you make in college will help you embrace adulthood. This is change that bonds people together.

I will never forget my experiences in college, the friends I have made, or the lessons I have learned. College is once in a life time. I don't think anyone should put it off because it is something that can not be replaced. Don't take college for granted. Yes, it will always be there, you can always go back, or start later in life, but college will not be the same for you. There was something about ending high school, loosening ties from Taylorsville, and embracing college that helped me become the person I am today. College was not easy, but it was worth it. My life has been branded for the better with all of my college experiences.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Harry Potter

When I was in fourth grade I went out to Salt Lake City to visit my Grandma. One thing I remember is on the plane home I had nothing to read so my little brother said hey you should read my book it is about wizards. Thinking he was totally crazy, but since I was a bored fourth grader I took his book and started reading. During the entire flight back to Boston I read Harry Potter. I remember thinking how fast the flight went because I was reading Harry Potter.

It is weird to think I started reading Harry Potter in fourth grade and now I'm about to graduate college and I still read Harry Potter. I just finished rereading book six and I am about to start book seven. I have also been watching all the movies in preparation for the seventh movie. I am so excited to see it, but I refuse to be one of the crazies who go see it at midnight. I feel like that is a ridiculous things to do, but I am still super excited.

Back to the Blogesphere

It has been pointed out that I have not been blogging by many people. Let's just say I am one busy child. This past semester has been amazing, but not a minute passes where I am not doing something. I have started to dedicate my Sundays to nothing, but watching football and doing homework. Some may think I am a bum, but I need to do it or life will not jive.

The biggest update I have is I am graduating and I have nothing lined up after I graduate. Finding a job is even harder than people say it is. This whole job hunt thing is not cool. What I am excited about though is finally presenting my portfolio this Friday. It will be such a relief to be done with it. Lately a lot of things have felt unsettling and the littlest thing makes me bitter towards a person, but I think being done with my portfolio will help me get my muchness back.
Ta ta for now. XOXO

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School

Last week I had the last first day of school for me! My last final will be December 16th and then I will be free. This semester I think can go either way, but I am excited to get it over with.

Once the semester is over I will be on the job hunt. My fingers are crossed that things will go my way.

Yesterday's weather was crazy. It felt like it was freezing, but I admit that I was super excited to feel the brisk morning. Fall means some of my favorite things are coming! College football, NFL, Fantasy Football, and October baseball. The Sox may or may not make the playoffs, but I will finds a team to support either way. I pray everyday though that the Sox make the playoffs.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer 2010

This summer has been crazy busy. As summer is ending, I realize how much I have actually done this summer. I completed an amazing internship at Zions Bank, some of my great friends have gotten married, I had a great birthday, and I have had lots of fun with my friends. At times I thought the summer would never end, and at times I thought the summer was flying past me too fast. However, I am glad summer is over because that means back to school time. Usually I dread going back to school a little bit, but for once school can not come soon enough. Not only will some of my good friends be back in SLC, but it means I will graduate. I will be done with school officially on December 16th. I don't think it can come soon enough.