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7 Years Later

7 years later and I finally figured out a way to recover the password to my blog. I started this blog when I was a junior in college. I am not closing in on my 28th birthday and I have been out of school for 7, almost 8 years.

I just took the time to read through (and delete some of) the blog posts I drafted and published in my early twenties. On multiple occasions throughout the last 7 years I have tried to remember which e-mail and which password I used to set up my original blog. Today, by pure inspiration, I have finally logged into my blog. I have been contemplating starting a blog again, but I always felt silly having a blog that was dormant and a blog that is alive. Part of that is my own personal issue that I have with undone ends, but FINALLY, I am in my blog.

The amount of ideas I have flooding into my mind are overwhelming. I have evolved and grown in so many ways within the last 7 years. I feel as if by the time I have the chance to document the last 7 years I'll have …

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