Cha Cha Chaaange

I can't believe that I have not been connected to the tubes of the internet for over 6 months. Since graduation my life has been unreal. After I graduated from Westminster in December I fully enjoyed my time off and the holidays. The holidays were amazing as always. By January 17th I had a full time job working at an insurance agency in Murray. It was a great opportunity and I just had to snatch it up. My co-workers are delightful and I learn something new every day. I am currently studying for my health and life license. A little overwhelming, but I think I will be OK in the end.

Shortly after starting my job I bought my first car. To some this is a minor detail, but I was proud to say I did it by myself. No co-signer or anything. I didn't even take my dad to test drive cars. I ended up buying a Nissan Versa and I love it. Some people don't like these little hatchbacks, but it's the perfect car for me.

In May I got to go through the thrill of the graduation ceremony at Westminster. It is not something that I honestly cared about, but I think graduation is a right of passage. It was monumental to walk across the stage and receive an empty folder. I also moved out in May. I moved in with 3 girls. At first I was scared because I had never lived on my own and 2 of the girls I didn't know, but it was a great move. The girls I live with are fantastic roommates and moving out was a good change.

You would think - wow this girl has a lot of things going on her life, but I am not done. In the start of June I went to a Salt Lake Bees game with my roommates and well, I ended the night at the emergency room. I was watching the game and turned to say something to a friend. At that exact moment the player hit a line drive foul ball my way. I had no idea it was coming and it popped me right in the jaw. I honestly didn't even know that it happened until someone asked me if i was alright. Obviously I was not alright so my wonderful friends took me to the ER. The baseball broke my jaw forcing me to a liquid diet for EIGHT weeks. I also had a very attractive baseball mark on my face for about a week. I was a looker for sure. It was not a good experience, but I am blessed to have a great support system in my life and that it was only a broken jaw. I could have had a much worse injury.

During my liquid diet I went to Sun Valley for vacation with my work. It was horrible to sit and watch everyone eat amazing food at the Sun Valley Lodge, but Sun Valley is beautiful. It is an amazing place to relax and just hang out. I even met Arnold the Governator at one of the local coffee shops. What are the chances? It was nice to feel like I had a vacation this summer since usually I am a busy worker bee in the summer.

Now that summer is ending I realize all the changes I have gone through in the last eight months. When I was drafting my last post I never would have predicted some of these events. As I embrace my adulthood I can only imagine what is to come.


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